The Dead Sky Order – EBook – PDF

The Dead Sky Order EBook as a PDF

In the unforgiving land of the Lower Realm, a threat emerges from across the river: The relentless Dead Sky Order, bolstered by Ka-Guardians from the Frozen Sky. As they launch a violent invasion, the fate of entire realms hangs in the balance.

Amidst the chaos, Ores finds himself banished to the icy wastes of Icesea, where he witnesses the brutal assault. Desperate for aid, he seeks out the legendary Solchampions, elite warriors granted unparalleled wealth, freedom, and authority. Among them is Llancer, facing his Final Solcede.

Meanwhile, Kalla, a proprietor of an inn, is thrust into the heart of the conflict, hiding dangerous secrets that could unravel the very fabric of reality. Her daughter, Samar, holds revelations that could shatter the barriers between worlds, but survival comes first as they brave the invasion and its relentless aftermath.

While fire rains from beyond the sky and molten rock consumes the land, what becomes of the souls when the Frozen Sky falls? Dive into a world of danger, secrets, and otherworldly intrigue in this epic tale of survival and sacrifice.

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